With Ellebo plus we are refering to our belief that a renovation can be more than just a new shiny facad and new insulation behind it. This project shows that small changes in the normal renovation procedure can ad a lot of quality to the area, and thereby to the tenants daily lifes.




The four concrete buildings that make up the Ellebo Apartment complex is a standard example of how architecture in the 60:s big goal was to provide light, air and functional apartments for the people of the age.

There is now doubt, in our minds, that architects managed to provide just that. But at the same time they forgot to provide a loot of other things. Things connecting the the buildings to their context, individuality, community and easy access to the green areas around the blocks.




This competition entry should be understood as range of possible solutions to the problems put forward in he competition brief. The proposed changes are all gathered in the visual result that you can see in this booklet.

Some changes are fundamental and more important than others to succeed in making the best Ellbo possible.

The project points out the possibilities, and highligtens the changes, we as architects mean, could lift the quality of life for the tenants and make it an even more attractive area to live in.

The concept is to take the changes that are to be made and execute them I a way that give something more to the area.




view_4_flattenEyehight courtyard


As mentioned earlier the area around the gables are dug out to give a more easy access from all the apartments to the courtyard. The tenants can go directly from there apartments down to the basement and out into the courtyard. At the same time the apartments at ground level are given direct access to the courtyard from there balconies. This helps to subdivide the big courtyard into Smaller spaces and helps to populate the area.

view_3_flattenRoof terrace


Ellebo facade


1. Adding elevators and remodeling the stairways leading up to the penthouse apartments, and roof terraces.

2. A more spacious floor plan with an op kitchen/dining/living room

3. More storage space inside the apartments

4. Making window openings bigger.

5. Adding balconies the western facades, and french balconies on the eastern.

6. In the basement the floor plans are opened up directly inside the gables providing and entrance areas with commons, for all the residents to use.


The new floor plans introduces an openness where light can shine further into the buildings.

By incorporating the existing balconies into the apartments and mounting the new ones on the facade, the apartments gets larger and more open.

This entry shows that it is possible to reinvent and remodle a building from the 60:s to live up to the harsh demands of today’s society. The tenants gain apartments with more open and spacious floor plans, with light shining further into their homes. The buildings as a whole and the single apartments live up to the energy standards of tomorrow.